Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

So we're a little late but we just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! Overall a pretty good day here - but really how bad can a day be when we all have matching pink bunny jammies? Well I should clarify that Jeff did not have pink bunny jammies.

Something strange happened to Brooke's hair the last two days - seriously I really did brush it before we took pictures (I busted out the conditioner last night so it's been a little better today). Isabel tried to help but still couldn't do a thing with it.

So a pretty quiet day at home for us this holiday. Brooke seemed to enjoy her idog - the jury is still out on whether or not it was the dog or just her favorite music making her happy. Since she really can't open presents or play with many toys we let the joy of her day be having the things she loves as much as she wants. So we pretty much listened to Ralph or watched Elmo the entire day. And ate lots of sweets. All of these things generally have a daily limit - but not on Christmas!

Isabel loves her Dora kitchen. She's been a very busy little chef - I love hearing her say "cook it" and making all her own little cooking noises. The fact that we have finally found a toy that kept her attention for more than five minutes was gift enough for mom and dad.

And the "girls" got mommy some very nice acrylic stamp sets for Christmas (even though they weren't supposed to get anything!). It really did mean so much to me that Jeff took the initiative to ask around to find out what I might like AND took Brooke shopping to get it for me. We promised no gifts this year (and even when we do it's usually the time honored tradition of asking what I want and getting exactly that) so it was a very nice surprise.
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Di said...

PRECIOUS pictures!
So glad it was a fun (and high calorie) kind of day!

Kelly, Brooklyns mommy said...

I absolutley LOVE the matching PJ's! The three of you look fabulous!!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! Love all the pink :)

lyndie said...

bunny pjs! how COOL. we are very fond of bunnies here. so fond, in fact, that i don't doubt david would covet a pair too, even if they were pink! (okay, maybe NOT if they were pink...)

sounds like a cozy sweet day.
what songs does "ralph" sing?

leslie herbert said...

LOVE your matching pj's!!! SOOO CUTE! Your girls are the cutest Sam!

Karlie's Momma said...

Samantha, it was so nice meeting you and Jeff at the conference. As soon as we got home, i got on the computer to check out all of your pages and they are fantastic! Your girls are beautiful and i must say that i too, love the matching bunny jammies. I promised everyone that i would start Karlie's page soon since this is such a nice way to keep in touch. I hope you had a nice trip home and that the storms weren't a problem for you. I was thinking of you! I'm sure that you were both ready to get home and hug those sweet girls! Much love, Kim