Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Update

So now that spring is finally here (and as evidenced by this weekends near 90 degree temperatures will soon be gone) I thought it would be a nice time for a little blog post with pictures update. Last everyone knew Brooke had received her new wheels so what has happened since?

1. Isabel celebrated her 3rd birthday. All she really seemed to care about was having pink streamers so pink streamers we had (and cake on Hello Kitty plates which she was very excited about since they included a separate section for your ice cream). Part of her birthday gift from Grandma was a trip to her first "show" - Dora Live. Although Mom and I are of the opinion that Isabel looks more like Dora than Dora looks like Dora. Once she got used to the whole dark/loud aspect of the show (and a little bribing to participate with promises of popcorn) she seemed to love it.

2. Easter - we colored eggs without any major mess or incident. Brooke just kind of checked in every now and then (and I think was looking for her opportunity to use her soon to be patented (Doris a little help here) one arm table clearing maneuver. Easter morning was spent following the trail of eggs the Easter bunny left at our house to the baskets (which were conspicuously absent of candy). There was more egg hunting fun before brunch at Grandma's (which is where the Easter bunny obviously decided to leave all the good stuff).

3. Our only real negative right now is some eating issues with Brooke. She had a cold over our spring break (which is now a month ago) and still just doesn't seem to have her regular appetite back. I can tell by lifting her and the difference in the feel of her arms that she has lost some weight already. I will probably call for an appointment soon with our pediatrician to see what she thinks. Oh and the picture to go with this is the one of Brooke and Jeff - you may not be able to tell but we are at Krispy Kreme - if a girl needs to gain weight it's a good place to start. At least that's what my muffin top tells me!

Oh and how could I forget - the picture in the middle of Isabel looking startled - busted on Easter snitching a powder sugar donut from the table and trying to hide in the corner with it. Definitely going to have to keep my eye on that one!