Monday, December 10, 2007

A Little Christmas Preview

There's been lots of talk on the RettNet (our online link to other families touched by Rett Syndrome) about Christmas. Mostly about how difficult it can be since our girls don't typically find the same joys in the holiday as other kids their age. There have been some great discussions about helping them find their own kind of joy. One of my favorite quotes is from a dad named Scott:

"Maybe the girls are still pure to the real meaning of Christmas and have not been corrupted by the commercialization of it."

As soon as I read "pure to the real meaning of Christmas" it made me think of this picture (one of many I took in my annual "attempt-at-the-perfect-Christmas-card" photo shoot. Although it didn't end up the final winner, I think it embodies that quote perfectly.

Anyway - I've really wanted to start learning how to make my photos look a little more artsy fartsy (but I'm too cheap to buy the actions to do it for me). So here I am up way past midnight playing around with this wonderful shot - enjoy!

This is the original photo:

These have what I guess is referred to as a little color pop - I just added the dark edges on the second one:

These are supposed to look vintage (again with the dark edges on #2):

So I guess I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

The tutorials for the original effects I found on this blog:

The tuorials for the dark edge effect was from 2peas:

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Kelly, Brooklyns mommy said...

Love the photo! I am with you (and Scott - I read that email too) I think our girls do just enjoy the basics of Christmas. Brooklyn loves the tree and the lights this year!
I am also impressed with the various changes you made to the picture. I have NO photo talent whatsoever!

Cheryl said...

Look at you and your fancy schmancy photo stuff! :) Love the vintage ones especially!

lyndie said...

this is a really beautiful photo, even with out the touch ups (tho those are fun too ;) )

Jennifer Sizemore said...

I am veryt impressed - it does look artsy!!!! And she looks cute, too!