Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One Year Ago

One year ago yesterday was the first time I held you. It was such a happy day for Jeff and I, I'm sure a bittersweet day for your foster family and probably a pretty scary day for you. We've come a long way in a year but it's important to me that you always know where you started.

Some specific memories that still stick in my mind from that first day - the tears in your foster mom's and her daughter, Lillian's, eyes. I could only imagine how hard this was for them. They had arrived early so our agency representative wasn't there yet. It was amazing how much we could communicate without sharing the same language (although we did ask the very nice bellman that had taken us to our room to help translate a bit).

You were facinated with our watches.

You seemed fine with us, even after Yolonda and Lillian left, even after we went up to our room. But when we came back down to the lobby to finally meet with our agency rep - you became very upset. I think it was probably then that you realized the family you had known up until then may not be coming back.

The rest of the day was spent trying to console you. Even though I knew this grieving was something you needed to go through (and that in the end it was a good thing) it was still difficult.

You liked to look at yourself in the mirror so we would just walk around the hotel room looking in each of the three mirrors. You finally gave in and ate a little applesauce which also seemed to help.

I remember you falling asleep on my chest and when you woke up about an hour later looked up at me with your sleeply little eyes and as soon as you focused on my face - you burst into tears again. That was when dad had the great idea of turning on the TV - thinking that hearing spoken spanish might be calming to you. And indeed it was.

Things improved slowly each day and it's really only now that I look back and realize just how long it did take you adjust. And I know those adjustments and bumps will continue throughout your life - but your dad and I will always be there to help you through them.

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Mom said...

It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by. You and Jeff have done a fine job of helping Isabel adjust to her new family and home. We're one lucky family to have her in our lives!

Di said...

I'll be muisty all day long from reading this incredible entry! She is so precious!

lyndie said...

it's so encouraging to hear about your experiences. can't wait to have some of our own with Yosi Roo.

love seeing the pics too. what was isabel's foster mother's name? (if you're allowed sharing.)

Brooklyn said...

What a touching story! Thank you for sharing it! How does Brooke do with Isabelle?

Cheryl said...

Awww Sam...what a year it has been for your family. Your girls are both so preciousl