Saturday, November 14, 2009

Now THIS deserves a new post!

Brooke participated in her first official swim meet today!! She had a complete blast! I was a little worried that the whole having to wait our turn and getting in and out of the pool thing might send her over the edge but she was a complete pro! Here are a few pics:

Waiting our turn a la Michael Phelps - you've got to listen to some good tunes before your event, right?:

Getting ready for our first relay event with Mr. Greg (Brooke's pool crush - who she hasn't seen in months). Our partner Eli was already in the pool and did a great job of putting us in a solid lead - only to be lost because Miss Brooke was far more interested in making googley eyes at Mr. Greg instead of actually swimming:

Aforementioned googley eyes:

Happily waiting between events with dad:

Brooke and her loot! And yes there were more than two kids in each of our events (I know it's not about winning but whatever):

Probably my favorite shot of the day:

The family shot that tells me I need to get back to Weight Watchers but the girls are being mighty cute:

I can never say enough about Karen - the Goddess of adapted aquatics! I can only imagine how much work went into putting this event together but it meant so much to all of us for Brooke to get to participate in such a "typical" event!