Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Peanut!!

Six years ago I was probably still sleeping (or at least wishing I was sleeping) at Fairview General Hospital. It was day seven of my stay and I was bloated to probably twice my normal size! It wasn't long from now that our doctor came in and told us to make any calls we needed - they were going to have to do a c-section in about an hour. A strange combination of relief and fear followed. How would you do? You were about to be born into this world nearly 8 weeks early. We had time to get the steriod shots in to help your lungs develop so we just had to hope they were able to do their job.

There were lots of stories from that day but the sound of your crying right after you were born was without a doubt the best miracle I could have hoped for. Lungs were functioning just fine. I only saw you for a few fleeting seconds, all wrapped up. I just remember your pudgy little cheeks sticking out of the bundle and being so shocked that you even had pudgy little cheeks - didn't expect you would have developed those yet. The next few weeks you went about proving what a tough and strong little girl you were going to be. Breathing all on your own, eating like a champ, no problem!

Oh and how did you get the nickname peanut? Well you really kind of looked like the Planter's Peanut when you were born. A head and a belly with skinny little arms and legs and big, big feet!!
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Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaa! What beautiful pics!!!!
Happy Birthday Brooke!

Dianne said...

That annonymous comment was from me.

Doris said...

Happy birthday! Hugs and kisses on your 6th birthday!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! Your pictures look great.

Brooklyn said...

Brooke, you are SOOOOO pretty! I love these pictures of you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO by the way!

Be sure to let us know if guys get to keep your appointment in Chicago in April - I hope so! I was thinking - if you take 80/90 over maybe you could make a quick stop in Angola, we would LOVE to meet you both!!

lyndie said...

she's so pretty. i really like the colors she's wearing too.
Happy Birthday! (D's BD is on the 11th).

Jennifer said...

Somehow I knew that first comment was from Dianne. :)

Happy birthday to Brooke! She is a beautiful little girl.

Mom said...

Even when you're towering over Grandma, you'll always be our beautiful little peanut!! Love you!!

Mrs. Hugel said...

What beautiful birthday pictures, Brooke!! I love it when you smile!
You smiled when we sang "Happy Birthday" on your birthday at school, but were not too happy about the crown!
Thanks for letting us borrow your picture for your shamrock book.