Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reality TV and Rett Syndrome

I'm really not much of a reality TV watcher (although that's getting harder to do since it seems that is all you can find on TV these days!). But there are two shows I will be tuning in this season:

American Idol - some of you might remember Angela Martin, a fellow Rett mom, making an appearance on last seasons show. She made it to Hollywood but not past the first round of cuts. Well word is she is going to be back again this year so let's tune in to see how far she can go this time around!

Celebrity Apprentice - Clint Black will appear in this season and his chosen charity is the International Rett Syndrome Foundation. Go Clint!

And finally - this isn't reality TV related but it is Rett Syndrome related and amazing so I'll share in this post. Just before Christmas break there was a stall day at Jeff's school. If you're not familiar with the idea it goes like this - kids bring in loose change (pennies were excluded) and their teachers have to roll the change before class can start. Money is then donated to a charity - in this case IRSF. Cool idea, huh? So I'm thinking that's cute, they'll raise a couple hundred dollars. Well Jeff just informed me that the final total was over $5,000!!!! That is a whole lot of change people!! So a big huge hug and thanks to all those students and teachers at Olmsted Falls High School for a job well done!


Doris said...

Woo hoo! Hilarious - stall day, what an idea!

Dianne said...

How fabulous about the $5,000!
That is amazing!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I am looking forward to Rett Syndrome getting a little more media attention too :) YAY and CONGRATS on the 5,000 that is crazy!!

Jennifer said...

That is awesome about the money. It's good to know the word is getting out and you have every reason to be excited. I am!

Leslie Herbert said...

Thats amazing Sam!
Love your new look on the blog too :)

Cheryl said...

What a cool idea! love it!