Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Recap

So far the best picture of our tree I've ever taken. This years decor was still the "unbreakable" theme. I'm just not confident Isabel gets how much mommy would cry if she broke her vintage ornaments - so the foam balls covered in shiny string from Target made another appearance.

Every now and then I catch Brooke is her "eyebrows up" pose. I love that look. And I love how much Brooke enjoyed Christmas this year. Thanks to the pre-holiday sickness and seizures she was a happy little elf and unlike most years really enjoyed all the holiday hustle and bustle. It was the best gift I could have ever received and I enjoyed every minute of it. As of today the honeymoon period is pretty much over. We have an appointment on Wednesday to see yet another neurologist to get yet another opinion. I'm making it my mission to figure this out in 2009. I want everyday to be like Christmas for her.

Isabel started to get the idea of the holiday this year (and I know she isn't wearing any pants in the picture but we were in potty training mode and that was just easier - and speaking of potty training, Isabel pooping on the potty for the first time on Christmas was the second best gift I got. See how easy I am to please?)

My favorite Isabel story from this Christmas? When we first starting talking about the idea of Santa bringing gifts she said she wanted a computer (because her friend Lily has a Barbie one). This lasted for about a week until Jeff got a pedometer from school (some kind of fitness program I think). She thought it was the coolest thing ever and called it a "walker". So from that point on whenever you asked her what she wanted for Christmas the answer was "a walker". So we were going to visit Santa and I asked Isabel if she would help Brooke and tell Santa what she would like for Christmas too. I told her Brooke wanted a Pink Ipod Shuffle to listen to her music. So the big moment arrives and the girls are happily sitting on Santa's lap.

"What would you like for Christmas girls?" asked Santa.

"Brooke wants a pink shovel and I want a walker" replies Isabel.

Rest assured I helped interpret that for Santa but it will go down as an all time favorite Christmas memory.

And I leave you with this final shot taken on Christmas evening - maybe not the most festive but definitely one of the funniest. (And in case you don't recognize him from Target's Halloween display this past year - that is Domo. Isabel looooooved Domo - and no, I don't know why.)


Jennifer said...

The pictures aren't working for me. But I love the recap. So glad you had a good Christmas. :)

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Love the Santa story!!!