Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Jeff Update

What you didn't know there was one very lonely male member of our family? He's still managing to maintain his masculinity even though each time he uses Cherry flavored Chapstick in the car Isabel can immediately smell it and says things like "What's that smell? Is daddy putting on his lip gloss?" or that we just got our new Visa cards in the mail (the ones that support breast cancer research in some way or another) and they are pink. He's just so manly stuff like that just bounces right off of him (although I think I'll see if I can at least get the poor guy a new credit card).

So what's new with Jeff?

Still teachin' the old math at Olmsted Falls High School. He's also been teaching classes to other teachers (on exciting topics such as Smartboard's and the latest offerings from Texas Instruments - and yes that is a TI Nspire attached to his hip in his super-cool-no-geek-can-live-without-it holster.

He has been named Ohio's Technology Teacher of the Year. Which really, no sarcasm here at all, is very cool. He works extremely hard to make his classes exciting and uses new technology to help make that happen. We'll travel to Columbus next month so that he can receive his "major award" (it's still close enough to Christmas that I can make Christmas Story references, right?).

He's discovered the joys of fleece pajama bottoms this winter.

Oh and he's turning the big 4-0 on the 27th of this month - but he's trying to ignore it in hopes that it just won't happen.
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Jennifer said...

OMG, that picture is hilarious! And congratulations on his "major award.' It may not be a leg lamp but that is pretty awesome. It's a shame we don't have more teachers like that in our schools. You should be proud. :)

Dianne said...

Well I wish there were more teachers like Jeff everywhere. That ROCKS.
Congrats to him!
ANd that pic is great!

Mom said...

So not only do I have the most wonderful daughter, I also have the son-in-law that's the type of person every mother wishes her daughter would marry! And neither of you look like you're turning 40 this year!

Jane said...

Hmmmm - I just know there is some way I will be able to work that pic into my blog. It has to be shared.

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Congratulations to Jeff!!!!!

Cheryl said...

rotflmao!!! Love it! Love the lip gloss. Only a true manly man could pull that off...