Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Halloween Miracle

Here it is folks - that's right, Brooke SMILING on Halloween night! For those not in the know - Brooke historically hates Halloween (and I have the pictures of her crying every year to prove it). This year started out a little rough (thanks in part to Isabel's meltdown at the suggestion that we leave our neighbors dog, Bently, and continue on for more candy) but it was a fairly quick recovery, a short nap in her completely decked out ride and the remainder of the evening a happy little witchy-poo!

The Chicken's favorite portion of the night seemed to be handing out candy with grandma and great-grandma. She was in charge of the suckers.

Overall one of our most successful Halloweens to date!
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Di said...


Mom said...

I love that picture of Brooke - she was the cutest witch and Isabel was the most adorable chicken. And grandma doesn't look so bad herself!

Brooklyn said...

I love the pictures! I am so glad Brooke had a good Halloween!

lyndie said...

love the picsd your sweet "witch" and fuzzy "chick". can't wait to bring our "pumpkin" of home!

Jennifer said...

That is awesome!