Friday, October 05, 2007

The Golden Ticket

Okay so I haven't gotten around to making it pretty but at least I'm posting something!

One of my many struggles when thinking about all things Brooke is the struggle to find GOOD therapists. We have our one shining star, Miss Karen, who swims with Brooke every Friday. All others have fallen someplace between okay and bad. So I finally had the brilliant idea, if I do say so myself, of actually asking Karen if SHE had any good referrals. And she did. Glenna Greenwald, Speech Therapist Extraordinaire.

Now to be fair we haven't even seen Glenna Greenwald, STE yet but I have high hopes. Why the high hopes you ask? Because 1) Miss Karen, Swimming Instructor Extraordinaire recommended her and (this is big) 2) because when I Googled her name to find contact information, the first thing that came up was a newsletter article about her work with a little girl named Maya who has, drum roll please, RETT SYNDROME!! Just the thought of not having to start at Rett Ground Zero with another therapist sends shivers down my spine!

Glenna did call me yesterday and we chatted about Maya and the other THREE Rett girls she is currently working with. And from that ten minute conversation I feel pretty confident that this lady gets it and, most importantly, she is excited about working with Brooke. So hopes are high and now we just need the lovely Nadine to call and actually schedule us.


Mom said...

Yeah a posting!! I have a good feeling that Glenna will be the right speech therapist for Brooke.

Brooklyn said...

I am so glad to see you are blogging again! I am Kelly, mom to Brooklyn (2 RTT) I always enjoyed reading about Brooke and your family. Glad you are back!

Di said...

What a blessing!
Hugs on you!