Friday, October 12, 2007

How much does this kid love to swim? No school today so we went a little later which gave Brooke the chance to swim with her new little buddy, Kevin. She was quite smitten. There was some singing together and pushing a ball back and forth to one another (something Brooke has been doing really well in the pool lately - yay!). And in the end resulted in some serious tears when it was time to leave (or maybe it was because I didn't actually follow through on the idea of leaving Isabel behind in the play room).
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Mom said...

The week before it was the little boy on the bus you took a liking to and this week it's Kevin. Brooke you're going to be a little flirt!

Brooklyn said...

My daughter Brooklyn loves the pool too! As far as the flirting goes, she is two and already gives the fellas a lot more attention than the gals.