Monday, December 29, 2008

Isabel Update

(Sorry everyone but you're going to have to live without pictures for this post - one of our "Christmas Break Projects" was some computer maintenance and it has left all of my pictures in a giant, unorganized heap on our new external drive - so just use your imagination!)

What's new with Izzy?

1. She is peeing and pooping regularly on the potty! I actually don't even have any pictures of that - although I was sorely tempting to bust out the camera during our own little Christmas miracle of her first #2 on the potty. I have found that just telling to her go herself has worked much better than taking her and sitting with her - this was stumbled on accidentally while I was helping Brooke with breakfast and just couldn't go with her. We've even taken a few trips out of the house in underpants without any accidents!

2. She is full on into the "why" phase. It is a constant barrage of questions the entire day. I'm sure in the big picture this is a good thing - but I spend my day in constant pursuit of the answer that will be followed by the simple "oh" response rather than another "why" follow-up.

3. She was really into Christmas this year - lots of cute little Izzy-ism stories from this season that I'll save for another post - like why did she ask Santa for a walker.

4. She's also developing a little attitude which has landed her on the naughty step a few times.

5. She is very much into the Imagination Movers (for those not in the know it's kind of an American/Disney Wiggles knock-off). Four guys with a show built around mostly tolerable kids music that stays stuck in your head the entire day once you start singing a few bars. It seems that Scott is her favorite.


Mom said...

You didn't tell me you've ventured out with Isabel in underpants. Reminds me of the time when I took you to the grocery store and we were in the checkout line and you told me how badly you had to go. I told you to hold it a little while longer and then all of a sudden this look of relief came across your face and there was a giant puddle on the floor. I'm sure you're glad I'm sharing this story, but it's one of those memories I can't forget.
Love - Mom

Anonymous said...

So cute! Thanks for the update...and congrats on the potty training!!!