Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Morning Mom!!

Today's title is for my mom - who even though I haven't posted on this blog since April(!) still checks every morning as part of her routine just in case there is anything new. I haven't yet convinced her to try the wonderful world of feeds - but I sense that might go the same way our Quicken "keep-your-checkbook-on-the-computer-it-will-be-so-much-easier" experiment ended so I'm not going to push it. But I still appreciate her dedication and finally felt guilty enough to post something.

I took a hiatus from blogging because I found myself particularly overwhelmed this year and something just had to give. Are things better? Well it's just days before Christmas and my gifts are wrapped, the house has a reasonable amount of Christmas spirit showing via trees and other decorations and I've made a pretty good dent in my Quickutz projects that are due January 2nd (all this even though our house has been the resting place for every kind of sick imaginable for what seems like forever). So I guess that means I have a better handle on things than usual, right?

So maybe I'll try to post some updates over the next few days so that everyone is current on all of our shenanigans and we can start the year off fresh - a peaceful and calm 2009? I suppose anything is possible.

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Mom said...

OMG - I nearly fell off my chair when I saw there was a new posting!! Then I had to scramble to figure out my username and password since it's been soooo long since I left a comment. You know I'm not computer savvy so you'll have to show me what this feeds thing is all about.
Love - Mom