Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks Everyone!!

Yesterday was the official "Rett Syndrome Awareness Day" in the Olmsted Falls schools! Sherry Davis, one of the family/consumer science teachers at the high school, and her students did a wonderful job of helping to promote awareness. The theme centered around shamrocks and the slogan "don't rely on luck for a cure" - pretty catchy, huh? Teachers were asked to hang shamrocks in their doors and students could put their names on paper shamrocks that were hung in the lunchroom. And they gave Brooke this cool little shirt to wear. One of the biology teachers had their students research Rett Syndrome.

And it didn't stop at the high school. At Brooke's school - her teacher hung the biggest letters ever across her windows that can be seen from the front of the school with the IRSF website and the other students worked on little "Brooke is special because________" projects.

I'm sure there was more going on that I don't even know about yet - but it was wonderful to see everyone come together like that! We are very lucky to live in such a supportive community!!

A big thanks to everyone that participated!!!
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Leslie Herbert said...

I just love communities like this Sam!
Love this pic of Brooke, she is just a doll!

Brooklyn said...

VERY cool! I think you should post all of the reasons the kids put that Brooke is special - I would LOVE to read them. I agree with Leslie too the picture of Brooke in this shirt is SO cute! Way to go on raising awareness!!!!

Dianne said...

What a great way to show support! That is so sweet. What a darling photo of your sweetie-pie!