Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brooke is Special Because...

  • she loves our class
  • she has a party at her house
  • she has a little sister
  • she is very tall
  • she brings Mrs. Piktel to class (Mrs. Piktel is Brooke's aide - and I love how Brooke is bringing her, not the other way around ;-). )
  • she is wearing lots of green
  • she has long blond hair
  • she likes St. Patrick's Day
  • she smiles at us
  • she makes us laugh
  • she likes to swim in the pool
  • and an extra special note from Mrs. Hugel & Mrs. Piktel - she is such an inspiration and a blessing to all of us!

What a special treat to find in Brooke's backpack today. These are from the book that everyone worked on at school yesterday. Thank you so much to Mrs. Hugel and her PM kindergarten class and Mrs. Schoenhoffer and Mrs. Piktel - this project really means the world to us! Brooke loves it and we will always treasure it!


Mrs Hugel said...

Thanks for posting the coments from the book. The children enjoyed seeing them online and also we viewed all of Brooke's pictures in your blog!! Brooke is a celebrity!!

Brooklyn said...

Such wonderful reasons why Brooke is so special! I am so glad you posted them. I loved reading them. It sounds like Brooke is one very loved little girl.
Hugs from Indiana!

Rebecca said...

That is so neat! What is Brooke's schedule like for Kindergarten? Caitlyn is going to be in Kindergarten next year, and we are a little nervous about the whole thing. It is so neat that the children had such nice things to say about her. Kids are so gentle and kind.

Cheryl said...

That is so sweet :) Luke's class did that this year too (and he brought it home during his "ahem" "tough week" just when we needed to hear something good ;)

Yay Brooke! :)