Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank You Ambucs!!

Brooke's "official" birthday present was a new bike! I found out about an organization called Ambucs from the RettNet and thought - what do we have to lose, let's apply! Ambucs has both a manufacturing side and a charitable side. So they make the bikes (anyone can purchase them) and then fund donations of the bikes through the charitable arm. You just need to fill out the paperwork to get yourself onto the waiting list and when it's your turn - voila, a bike! You can also let people make donations specifically to your child - which we never really got figured out - but we just collected donations from family for Brooke's gift and will send along the donations now to help fund another persons turn. They also have a program where you can agree to turn in your bike when it is outgrown and they will provide you with a new one. At the rate Brooke grows this will most definitely come in handy!

As anyone with a special needs child knows - slap the term "special needs" or "adapted" onto anything and the price will be huge! So it's tough enough finding money to pay for all of the things you need - let alone something that will be fun! One of Brooke's classmates has a similar bike that her family generously lets the school borrow during the winter months. So Brooke has a little bike experience and we knew it was something she would enjoy. So I was thrilled to find a way to get one for her.

We had a nice little break in the cold weather on Sunday so we took her for a spin around the block. And I'm not ashamed to say there were more than a few moments I found myself with tears in my eyes. I can remember not that long ago seeing kids riding their bikes around our neighborhood and thinking it was just another thing Brooke wouldn't be able to experience. I was amazed at how well she kept herself positioned on the bike (we still have a little adjusting to do so things are just right) and that she actually was able to peddle the darn thing by herself! Jeff or I would help her get started and those skinny little legs would just keep it going. I'm sure by the end of summer she'll be a pro!

(And yes mom, I know the helmet isn't on right. We're not exactly travelling at breakneck speed yet so try not to worry!)
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Dianne said...

OUTSTANDING! Such a cool bike, and HAAAAAAAAAA on the helmet/mom comment!
(I'm all misty by the way!!!)

Mom said...

I can't wait to take Brooke out on her bike. I got all teary-eyed when I first saw Brooke on Dakota's bike at school - and it was for the same reason you mentioned. And I see Isabel in the background so Brooke must really be pedaling away since her sister can't keep up.

Jane said...

What a great pic and post! Brooke looks so happy and at home on her bike.

Belated Happy Birthday to Brooke!!!!!!

Karlie Grace said...

I LOVE her new bike and the program sounds awesome as well! She looks so cute riding down the sidewalk and it makes me smile to know "the list" is getting shorter. Enough to tear me up too :)

Brooklyn and Kelly said...


Jennifer Sizemore said...

Ok, I confess that the tears welled up for me, too! I am so happy she gets the experience of riding a bike around the hood!

Jennifer said...

That is an awesome story. I am so happy for Brooke!

juls2000 said...

I haven't checked your blog in ages as there was nothing new for a looonnnng time! Wow- you've updated. Now you have to help me in the bloggin world!