Thursday, February 12, 2009

You don't need a $10,000 piece of AAC equipment to know what Brooke wants here do you?

There are very few things that Brooke will actively seek out a way to ask for - reading her Dr. Seuss books, however, is at the top of the list. If a pile of them are ever left out on the floor she will make her way over to them for a "stare down" or some swatting. So even on days when I find myself talking in Seuss-ical rhymes because I've read so much I can hardly say no to this!
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Doris said...

Wow! That's great that she loves Dr. Seuss so much! She looks so big in this photo, so grown up. Our kids are not babies anymore.

Mom said...

It just amazes me that each time I read one of her favorite books, it's like she's hearing it for the first time. It doesn't matter that I've probably read each of those books 1,000 times because her smiles and laughs make me happy to know it's something she enjoys.

lyndie said...

Brooke has great taste in books. Seuss is my favorite children's author too. :) There was a time I nearly had "Green Eggs and Ham" memorized.
BTW- Don't know if I've told you but all of the books you got Yosi over the summer on in her "top 10" pile. I almost have "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" memorized. Good stuff. Big thanks!